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Not One But Two Leading Relationship Experts...

Tony & Nicki Vee are a husband and wife team that have assisted thousands of couples since the early noughties resolve their relationship issues and get them back to the love and connection they had when they first met.

It's super easy to get started, simply fill in your details and once you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to Tony & Nicki's calendar where you can choose a day and time that best suits you.

These calls are done on Zoom preferably with the four of us. Once you book onto our calendar you will receive a Zoom link for the call to use at the time you have chosen.

And if there is not a good time there, please let us have three days and times that work for you and we will do everything we can to get you booked in and confirm back to you your slot within 24 hours so you can get started asap.

What People Are Saying:

I have had so many revelations working with Tony and Nicki. It has been amazing going through my own personal journey as well the journey with my husband. We are communicating better, understanding each other more and allowing each other to truly be who we want to be!

Jess (London)

Our relationship has improved beyond measure since working with Tony & Nicki. Before the program, we argued often and didn't feel very connected. Now, we understand how to make this relationship work together rather than as two individuals and it feels better than ever. Tony and Nicki seem to understand every challenge we have so easily and provide simple and achievable solutions to work around it in a way that brings us closer together. If you are having difficulty in your relationship and want to learn HOW to change it, not just to talk about it to a councillor - they are well worth the investment. It's the year of our wedding and this is, without doubt, the best money we've spent on our relationship so far!

James (Cambridge)

Tony & Nicki are experts at uncovering the real "root" issues between partners in a relationship. With their help, my wife and I were able to discover the negative thoughts and behaviours that impacted our relationship at times, and working with Tony and Nicki over time helped us identify and overcomes these challenges ourselves, which means we are more empowered to take responsibility for how we show up towards each other. We can also now more empoweringly express how we feel towards each other in moments of negativity which means we can live so much more in harmony together. If you are a couple looking to improve your relationship and empower yourselves individually and collectively, Tony and Nicki will help you make a lasting difference that will elevate your relationship.

Rob (Devon)

I’ve gained so much knowledge and understanding in just a few weeks of working with Tony and Nikki and their positivity and compassion is infectious. Their Emerald Relationship Education Programme is really helping to transform all relationships in my life. They’re incredibly approachable, uplifting, non-judgemental and share their insight and wisdom, with such understanding and compassion. It is truly a pleasure to work with them both

Lucinda (London)