How to Fall Back in Love with Your Partner So You Rebuild the Trust, Connection and Fun in Your Relationship, Without Having to Split Up Your Family or Spend Years in Couples Counselling!


(… even if he is convinced there is nothing wrong, flat-out refuses to seek expert help, or one of you has already moved into

the spare room or out of the home!)

Are you frustrated with your man for not supporting you, loving you or talking to you in the way you wish he would, even though you’ve told him what he needs to do, so many times?


Do you feel that although he must see how much effort you are putting in every day to keep your home life ticking along, he still keeps expecting you to do more to fulfil his needs, with no consideration for your own?


Have you secretly made a “Plan B” for your life because you don’t feel you can trust him with your long-term financial or emotional security, and know you’ll need to take care of that yourself at some point?

I'm Ready To Start Getting My Relationship Sorted Out Once And For All

Can you relate...?

  • You don’t share with him that at times, you feel like his mother and he’s another child you have to look after.

  • You daren’t tell him when you feel vulnerable and
    unsafe, because he gets defensive with you.

  • You can’t share with him, that, because you don’t trust him to keep your family unit safe and secure forever, you’re always worried that you’re going to find out he’s messed up badly and you’ll have to fix it.

  • You know if you told him any of this, he would take it as a criticism, and get angry. Hence, you’ve thought about that ‘Plan B’ for how you could survive without him.

  • You work hard to make sure you have, and always
    can, continue to earn enough money to look after yourself, and your kids if you have them.

  • Guys you have got into relationships with are not
    having a great life when you meet them, your partner included.

  • Perhaps, they can’t get their financial act together,
    more month than money, recklessly spending, or
    have racked up personal debt over years. 

  • Maybe they keep being knocked back for promotion, they dislike their work, can’t hold down a job or have an unstable business with few or no clients. 

  • You try hard to keep everything together at home but you’re always walking on eggshells, anxiously waiting for the next problem to arise.

  • When he invariably lets you down again, you turn to your own addictions: buying clothes and shoes,
    comfort eating, a few glasses of wine on your own or with the girls. 

  • You moan to your friends about him, but you never tell them the whole truth, in fear they will tell you to
    leave and think you are wrong for staying.

  • You have created lots of reasons to avoid sex with him.

  • He looks to you for strength. You give it to him, leaving little for yourself.

  • You’re too tired, busy, and stressed. But those are not the real reason you reject his advances, are they?

  • You cry a lot in despair, wishing he would act on your advice. He’d feel better about himself, so naturally, your relationship would become so much happier.

  • He doesn’t listen.

  • The more you try to talk with him, offer helpful ideas, suggest sensible options, and send him links to
    articles with step-by-step instructions to make things better between you, the worse he becomes.

  • It feels like you’re doing all the running, making it as easy as possible for him to fix the issues between you, yet he will not budge an inch. 

  •  You feel taken for granted, disrespected, and unloved.

  • In low moments, you consider whether, by putting up with all this, you are acting like a person without any
    strength, and then you beat yourself up for that as well.


    But you don’t want to split.

You stay because you hope that one day, everything you’ve said to him will finally sink in, he’ll get himself sorted and you’ll both be able to enjoy the loving, intimate relationship you dream of.


A relationship where...


> You can share your innermost fears with him, and he reassures you that everything is going to be all-right as he will look after you – and you truly believe him.


> You know you can share your truth with him; and no matter what you say, he will listen without becoming
annoyed or trying to fix it.


> When he says he will support you in whatever you want to do, he does.


> It makes your heart sing that you always feel safe with him.


> When you look at the future, you visualise you both still together, in love and happy, and feel excited
because you deeply trust he is committed to keeping things that way.


> On the rare occasion you hit a bump in the road, you can speak up and tell him your ideas about how
things could be better without him reacting angrily. He listens, agrees he was wrong, apologises and
makes amends.


> And when you slip up, you do the same for him. It's a loving, respectful relationship. 


> You feel so content that you never think about your ‘Plan B’, and no longer worry that you’ll have to walk away. 


> You feel like you can fully trust him with your heart, safety, and long-term security. 


> He has his act together. Is free of unhealthy habits and addictions, and you both bring and experience the
best version of yourselves in the relationship, every day. 


> He is emotionally strong and wants to be with you. He doesn’t ‘need’ you anymore. 


> He no longer defers decisions or hands responsibility over to you. You never feel like you’re his mother, these days. 


> He regularly says, “Leave this with me. I will get it taken care of!” and he does, better than you would have done it too!


And OMG… that’s SO HOT!


> When you tell your friends how lovely he is to you, it is the absolute truth.

> You have a healthy, loving intimate life that fulfils both yours and his needs in a very natural way.

> You desire him and he adores you.

> You feel connected, energised, in love, and at peace.


I understand how right now, this probably seems like an impossibly distant dream for you.


You cannot see how you two could get from where you both are now, to enjoying this perfect relationship together.


You love him, but often you don’t like him.


How do you resolve that?


Who can you turn to?

That’s where we come in.


We are Tony and Nicki Vee…

Since 2003, we have helped literally thousands of men and women heal as a couple and rebuild lost love, trust, and passion. 


The core of our teaching is helping you realise the differences in how men and women are wired, accepting the roles you each play that contribute to the reality of your relationship, and reframing old patterns of thoughts, beliefs & behaviours that impact how you perceive and respond to your partner.

After working with us, couples find their way back to being an “US” again, enjoying an “Ultimate Intimate Relationship” together.


For example:


Ellie, who, in tandem with her partner, was having major doubts about their upcoming wedding, which resulted in them falling out often and withdrawing from each other physically and emotionally.

After watching our training for two hours, their relationship had been rekindled and they were both excited for marriage. (They also invited us to their wedding to say thank you for getting them back on track.)


Lucy, within days of going through our program, had them both realise what they were doing that was not working
and were able to fix it, resulting in Lucy returning to the marriage and their home.

Several weeks later, having progressed through the program, they had also resolved other areas of conflict in their relationship, such as how they deal with money, parenting stepchildren, and communicating calmly with ex-partners, united as a couple.


And Mandy chose to invest in our help alone at first. Her husband reluctantly agreed to participate later, only after she told him the alternative was he’d have to leave because she was at the end of her tether and could not cope with him anymore. Within a couple of months of going through our program, they were in love again. She no longer wanted him to leave, they were back to sleeping in the same bed, and had resumed their physical intimacy.


The core of our program’s teaching is helping you realise the differences in how men and women are wired, accepting the roles you each play that contribute to the reality of your relationship, and reframing old patterns of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that impact how you perceive and respond to your partner, then, gently reconnecting you back to each other.


Nicki here… before you continue reading, I want to take a moment to speak with you, woman to woman.


I want to let you know that I have been where you are, trying so hard to make my relationship work and
crying myself to sleep in frustration and despair as nothing I did worked.

When I think about my previous relationships at their worst, I can still feel the heaviness, upset and desperation of not knowing what to do to make it better or where to turn for help, that, is I imagine how you’re feeling now.

My ex-husband was gorgeous to look at, fun to be with, but in a bad emotional state when we met.

He was sleeping on his mate’s floor, and his bank accounts had been frozen after a recent separation. 


He called me one day when I was at work, crying that he was penniless, rudderless, and lonely. I said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll sort it”. Within two hours, I had paid for us to rent a lovely furnished house. By that evening, me, my 6-year-old son and my new man had moved in.

I knew I was being a “rescuer” again, but thought if I got all of us safe and secure, he would be happy and lovely to me, and our life would be good.


Was it, heck.

He was constantly frustrated and angry about his kids, his business, and even ranting about the stories on the

I kept working as hard as I could on “us”, hoping he would finally start to notice my efforts and appreciate me.

 Of course, he didn’t.


What I was not grasping was that the more I took care of everything, the worse he (and this is true for men in general) felt about himself.

Hence, my constructive actions simply fed his destructive thoughts and behaviours.

Eventually, I made a commitment to myself to find my way back to the true me, the feminine me, the real
Nicki, embarking on a journey to uncover and heal the root causes of why I was compelled to be the strong, capable one in my relationships with men.

That journey taught me the strategies, practices, and tools we teach our clients today, and culminated in me meeting the most amazing, loving, strong and capable man I have ever met – Tony Vee.


Honey, isn’t it time to…?

Put a stop to the hurt, discontent, and loneliness you feel in your relationship?

Find your way back to the real you, then working your way back together, with the real him?

Begin resolving your relationship issues so you rekindle your emotional and physical connection with your man and become an “US” again?

If you (on your own OR with your partner) are committed to healing from any level of pain, rejection, or disconnection, so together, you enjoy the “Ultimate Intimate Relationship” …

Then, we’d like to introduce you to our…

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education 

RUBY Program 


… self-study, on-demand training program specifically designed for couples wanting to reignite the love, joy, fun and intimacy in their romantic relationship!




In MASTERCLASSES 1 and 2, you will discover how to:

  • Get super clear on the root cause of the disconnection between you, so you know exactly what to do to start turning things around, quickly.

  • Uncover what’s really going on for your partner, so you start to meet their needs and wants, and they start to meet yours, resulting in you drawing closer together. 

  • Speak in your partner's language, so you communicate without conflict, and you both feel heard, cared about, and understood.  

After completing the two foundation classes you will:

  • Feel more connected with each other

  • Know exactly what needs to happen for you both to feel loved. 

  • Realise how each of you needs to give and receive love in any moment. 

MASTERCLASS 3: Your Dream Life Roadmap

Get clear on how each of you want your ultimate life to look, so your goals for your dream relationship and perfect partnership are aligned from the get-go.

MASTERCLASS 4. Conversing with Care

Gain a fresh new perspective on how to compassionately communicate with each other, so you stop your recurring pattern of arguing, and difficult topics get discussed without ending in a fight.

MASTERCLASS 5: Navigating Outside Influences

Set boundaries that stop your kids, parents, clients/employer and siblings from negatively impacting your relationship, and causing divisions between you and your partner, so you calmly and confidently unite as a team, no matter who else’s influences and dynamics you are challenged by.

MASTERCLASS 6: Finding Your Way Back from Infidelity

Move past the pain of infidelity after you, he, or both of you have been emotionally or physically unfaithful, so you heal the hurt, repair your trust in each other and get your relationship back on track again.

MASTERCLASS 7: Managing Money Problems Together

Establish a durable system for managing your shared and individual finances as a couple, so money discussions will no longer be a regular cause of conflict between you.

MASTERCLASS 8: Effective Environments

Short, simple, and fun changes you can make to what and where you live and eat together, so your home becomes a happier, healthier and harmonious place you’ll both want to hang out in together.

MASTERCLASS 9: Improving Intimacy Issues

Reconnect with your feminine to hold the space for him to step fully into his role as “Your Hot Man” outside of the bedroom, so he becomes the guy you desire more intimacy with.

MASTERCLASS 10: Ease Personality Clashes

Develop a deep understanding of each other’s personality style, so you no longer need to nag and criticise him, and he quits trying to ‘fix’ you, and you both feel appreciated, valued and understood.

MASTERCLASS 11: Dealing With Past Emotional Events

Free yourselves from the constraints of immediate defensive responses triggered by the inner wounds, walls and barriers you built up for protection after experiencing dark moments in your past

MASTERCLASS 12: Living With Long-Term Love in Life

Integrating all the new strategies, habits, and beliefs into your mental toolbox, so you continue to bring the very best version of yourselves to your relationship practicing daily habits that will keep you connected, caring and loving towards each other, forever.

After completing Masterclasses 3-12, you will:

  • Have total clarity on your perfect life together and be moving towards it, in tandem.

  • Know how to navigate the daily realities of your home, money, kids and family life together, with your close, loving relationship at the heart.

  • Be on the  journey of living a loving life together, no matter what bumps in the road you encounter, so you never have to go through the pain of going back to where you are right now.

Having completed the full Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program, you will have:

  • Raised your energy, both individually and collectively, so every day is filled with love, joy and happiness together.

  • Massively Increased your connection, respect, and trust in each other, so you experience the best of each other, consistently.

  • Amplified the impact of sharing your love with your partner, so he’ll feel loved and cared for, so he’ll automatically reciprocate in the way you want to receive love from him.


If that’s not already exciting enough, there are THREE bonuses when you join the Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program today…


BONUS 1: Relationship Rehab Planner (VALUE: £50)

Your own ‘Relationship Rehab Calendar’, so you set aside time once or twice a week, blocking time out in your diaries to ‘attend’ the classes, showing him your commitment to repairing your relationship and that building your dream life together is a priority for you.

BONUS 2: Relationship Recovery Journal (VALUE: £50)

The ‘Relationship Journal’ has proven to be a real game changer for couples we work with.

The practice of journalling supports your mastery of powerful new behaviours, so your old negative and destructive patterns don’t get a chance to raise their ugly heads ever again.

BONUS 3: Our Recommended List of 12 Relationship Reparation Books and Films to Watch Together (VALUE: £50)

Our clients love our list of 12 books and 12 movies to read and watch together and say it’s like observing the lessons come alive. Aligned with the Masterclass topics, the books and movies on our list offer fresh approaches into the ‘Ultimate Intimate Relationship program’ and enable you to more deeply integrate the practices into your everyday lives.


We’ve given you a lot of information on this page, so let’s quickly recap…


When you join the Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY program today, you’ll receive:

  • 12x on-demand video masterclasses, giving you the step-by-step framework to rediscover lost trust, emotional and physical intimacy and joy with your romantic partner, so you build your dream life and enjoy being one half of a couple experiencing their Ultimate Intimate Relationship,

  • 3x bonus tools and resources that will support your learning and enable you to adopt the healthy love habits into your everyday lives, so you avoid your old negative and destructive patterns poisoning your relationship, ever again.

  • The benefit of Tony and Nicki’s 20+ years’ experience of guiding disconnected, warring and lonely couples to work their way back together and “Become an US” again, receiving more love, physical intimacy and trust.


     Realistically, you have two choices now…


You could close this page, resign yourself to carrying on as you are - putting up with a life you dislike, disconnected from the man you love, and both of you becoming more and more unhappy with every passing year!


Not only that…


  • What is the value of the 50% of your assets you’ll give away (not to mention the legal fees!) if you two end up divorcing because out of the blue, he made the decision to leave you instead?

  • What’s going to be the cost to your mental health if you fail to put your intimate relationship life back on track, and you continue to feel lonely, unloved and rejected? 

  • What will it cost yours and your kids’ emotional health to live a life filled with pain, tension, and uncertainty? 

  • And what could the potential; knock-on effects be to your physical health, if you don’t deal with all this inner pain and turmoil?


Or you can take the simple step of investing in the Ultimate Intimate Relationship Ruby Program today, so you begin working your way back together to build YOUR dream life… Today!


Ask yourself this…?


…Are you committed to fixing your relationship once and for all, so you fall back in love with each other again?

… Do you want to rapidly recover your romance so that life becomes happy, healthy and fun again very soon?


… Would you love a relationship life that is calm and easy, low in friction and high in love, joy and connection, each and every day?






In the unlikely event you find within the next 14 days this program is not a great fit for your needs, you can request a full refund with zero penalty, and if you choose the instalment plan today, all future payments will be cancelled.


We can’t say fairer than that.

 Join the

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program 


12 x Monthly Instalments of £100
or Pay £500 Today and Save!

James  (Cambridge UK)

Our relationship has improved beyond measure since working with Tony & Nicki. Before the program we argued often and didn't feel very connected.

Now, we understand how to make this relationship work together rather than as two individuals and it feels better than ever. Tony and Nicki seem to understand every challenge we have so easily and provide simple and achievable solutions to work around it in a way that brings us closer together.

If you are having difficulty in your relationship and want to learn HOW to change it, not just to talk about it to a counsellor - they are well worth the investment. It's the year of our wedding and this is without doubt the best money we've spent on our relationship so far!


 We recognise that the worry of current world events can create a potential boiling pot for friction between couples when your relationship is already in turmoil.


That’s why, we are giving you INSTANT access to the FULL Ruby Program today, so you can rapidly begin healing your relationship, ready to deal with whatever challenges come your way - as a couple united in love…


- for a very reasonable investment.


We want experiencing the Ultimate Intimate Relationship to be accessible to every couple, regardless of their financial situation.


That’s why, we are also offering you the option to pay over 12 monthly instalments, making it even easier for you to say yes to repairing your relationship today


– with the price of each MONTH’S payment for the Ruby Program being LESS THAN HALF of the cost of a SINGLE HOUR with many Marriage Guidance Counsellors…


… who often require couples to attend years of weekly sessions with them before they reach the results our clients report after going through the first Masterclass in the Ruby Program!


However, this offer will not be available forever and the price will increase soon.


Join the

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program 


12 x Monthly Instalments of £100
or Pay £500 Today and Save!





Wow, spending time with Nicki and Tony has taken our relationship to a whole new level - I can’t recommend them highly enough. When my OH and I were not in the best place ( it was ok but just not amazing, if you know what I mean) we went to Tony and Nicki and now we are back in a fabulous space - like it was when we were first together 💕💕 Thank you both for helping us reconnect

Lucinda (London) 

I’ve gained so much knowledge and understanding in just a few weeks of watching Tony and Nicki and their positivity and compassion is infectious. Their relationship education programme is really helping to transform all relationships in my life. They’re incredibly approachable, uplifting, non-judgemental and share their insight and wisdom, with such understanding and compassion. It is truly a pleasure to work with them both.

Chris (Devon)

We are halfway through the course and our relationship is growing stronger and healthier each day. Be warned Tony and Nicki's couples programs come with some truly positive side effects such as better relationships with all my family, a way to communicate with grace and certainty with my ex-wife and my children seeing how a wonderful loving relationship looks and feels. At its core it teaches you how to work through all your relationship behaviours you have picked up throughout your life and change them.

Jess (Croydon)

I have had so many revelations working with Tony and Nicki. It has been amazing going through my own personal journey as well as the journey with my husband. We are communicating better, understanding each other more and allowing each other to truly be who we want to be!

Craig Jeremiah

Having only been working on the program for 1 month I can already start to see changes in our relationship and am really looking forward to continuing to work with Tony and Nicki going forward.

Rob (Devon)

Tony & Nicki are experts at uncovering the real "root" issues between partners in a relationship. With their help my wife and I were able to discover the negative thoughts and behaviours that impacted our relationship. Being on Tony and Nicki's program helped us identify and overcome these challenges.

Join the

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program 


12 x Monthly Instalments of £100
or Pay £500 Today and Save!

Who is the Ruby Program most suitable for?

 The Ruby Program is specifically designed for couples or individuals who have become slightly or seriously disconnected from their partner, and are out of ideas for how to fix their relationship problems so they reignite their love, joy, fun and intimacy, quickly. 
The Ruby Program is excellent if you have previously been down the traditional Relationship Counselling route and its not worked out for you, or, if the idea of fixing your problems quickly and accelerating your recoupling is appealing to you.

Who is the Ruby Program NOT for?

The Ruby Program is not suited to couples or individuals seeking the typical type of Relationship Counselling, where you attend weekly sessions in person with a therapist, for an indeterminable number of months or years.
 It's also not for people who will choose not to watch the Masterclasses, apply the learning, or practice the habits that will fix your relationship issues, preferring to continue making excuses and blaming your partner for the disconnection.

What’s covered in the Ruby Program?

There are 12 Masterclasses inside the Ruby Program: two in the Foundation modules and ten in the core program. In the Foundation classes, you will uncover the root causes of the disconnection between you, so very quickly both of you begin feeling heard, cared about, and understood. 
During the ten core Masterclasses, you will be guided, step by step, through how to build your dream relationship together, including stepping fully into your role as co-creator of your perfect relationship, rekindling lost desire and intimacy, and navigating the day-to-day practicalities of money, kids, work and family as a rock-solid, and emotionally connected couple in love.

How is the Ruby Program delivered?

When you invest in the Ruby Program today and choose to pay in instalments or in full, you will instantly receive an email with your unique login details to access our training area.

How long will I have access to the Ruby Program content for?

 There is no time limit on your access to the Ruby Program content, so you’ll be able to go through the Masterclasses at your own pace, and as many times as you wish.

What if my partner flat-out refuses to engage with the Ruby Program?

 If your partner is not yet ready to participate in the program, you will still see great results from completing the Masterclasses yourself. 

In our experience, when even you alone fully immerse yourself in the program and begin learning new ways to engage with your partner, your relationship will improve, and everyone around you will benefit. 

Not only that, once they start to see the subtle, positive changes in you and how you engage, their intrigue will likely be piqued, resulting in them wanting to get involved, without you having to ask. Win/win!

Does the Ruby Program include coaching with Tony and Nicki?

The Ruby Program is a self-study course so there is no coaching included.

If you feel you would benefit from adding WhatsApp support or live Zoom coaching calls with Tony and Nicki, you will be offered a discounted opportunity to upgrade to our Sapphire or Emerald programs after you have purchased the Ruby program.

How much time will the Ruby Program take to complete?

One of the perks of investing in the Ruby Program is you can go through it in your own time and at a pace that works for you.

We recommend you schedule time in your diary to go through the Masterclasses, preferably together, although you can do it separately too.

The key to your success is to take this process step by step, without rushing. In our experience, you will achieve your best results when you complete no more than one training a week, and no fewer than one per month.

Each Masterclass is around the length of a movie, so some couples choose to arrange “Date Nights” to watch and discuss the training and go through and share and review the questions in the workbook. View time is only the first step. It’s vital you put what you learn into practice, and that will require more effort in the beginning until it becomes an ingrained habit.

There is a saying, 'knowledge alone is worthless'! Wisdom comes from combining the information you’ve learnt with action, enabling you to turn your unhealthy relationship into a flourishing and love-filled, bond.

Are we guaranteed to get results from the Ruby Program?

As your results are dependent on you completing the Masterclasses, taking daily action to practice your new skills, and making the necessary changes to how you perceive and communicate with your partner, we cannot guarantee results.

However, to make it easier for you to say yes today, we have added a money-back guarantee. In the unlikely event you realise within 14 days that
the Ruby Program is not the right fit to support you in fixing your relationship problems, we will give you a 100% refund.

Can we speak with your previous clients?

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot identify or introduce you to our clients, so we have added a few words from them here, sharing why they chose to work with us. Plus, you can read our Success Stories elsewhere on this page.

N and S: When N and S hired us, N felt frustrated because he was doing the best he could to make S happy, and S was annoyed, as she found N stubborn and difficult to deal with. Today, they believe their relationship would never have survived without our expertise.

R and E: R hated that he regularly thought about leaving his relationship E was very unhappy with her life. Today they know, how to stay in a good place with each other as much as they can, what to do if they fall out, and, have got their physical intimacy back on track.

N and G: N and G’s relationship had endured a lot when they came to us, including infidelity. They worked together to plan a future they could both get excited about, and today their marriage is strong, secure and love-filled, instead of becoming another divorce statistic.

What is the price of the Ruby Program?

You can purchase the Ruby program today and pay in 12 equal monthly instalments of £100, with the first payment due today. 

OR, there is a half-price limited-time offer available on the pay-in-full price with a 50% discount at £500. (Offer Closes May 31st 2023)

When the offer expires, the pay-in-full price will increase to £1,000.

Do you offer a payment plan for the Ruby Program?

Yes. You can choose to pay in 12 equal monthly instalments of £100, with the first payment due today. 

What is your refund policy for the Ruby Program?

In the unlikely event you find within the first 14 days this program is not a great fit for your needs, you can request a full refund, with zero penalty.
If you choose the instalment plan today, your initial payment would be refunded, and all future payments would be cancelled.

Is it possible to speak to someone if we have questions?

Yes. Send your best telephone number and availability by email to [email protected] and one of Tony and Nicki’s team will give you a call to answer your questions and reassure any concerns.

Join the

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Education RUBY Program 


12 x Monthly Instalments of £100
or Pay £500 Today and Save!