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About Tony & Nicki Vee

Tony & Nicki Vee know that some invisible force threw them together in 2003, and ever since, they have assisted men & women to learn how to have the Ultimate Intimate Relationship. 

They are best known for their Intimate Relationship Education Programs, which have helped thousands of men & women heal their past issues, and live a life full of Love.   

They have both been Coaches for 2 decades, their style is forthright and honest, and their programs guarantee results. 

If couples are committed to bringing their relationship from any level of disconnection back to where they want it to be, Tony & Nicki are the perfect catalysts for achieving that.  


Our Story

Tony & Nicki’s background is that of a managing director of a UK public company and an award-winning retail entrepreneur. Nicki’s tenacious
style performed a dramatic financial turnaround for Bupa, and Tony’s creativity developed a ground-breaking system which once stole the top slot
from Richard Branson at the prestigious UK innovation awards.

A ‘universal force’ threw them together, and they now have a flawless reputation as:
'THE RELATIONSHIP COUPLE' and Creators of ‘The Couples Intimate Relationship Education Program’

It all began when they were keynote speakers at a conference in Dublin, Ireland. Their lives changed that day, Tony and Nicki developed their unique intimate relationship philosophy becoming full-time presenters, authors and coaches travelling extensively as demand for their services grew.

The media love them for their unique, sometimes contentious, ‘cut to the chase’ chatty style. They have been called on for ‘expert comment’ many times appearing on TV & Radio and writing numerous articles for mainstream newspapers
and magazines.

Their clients repeatedly mention how helpful it is that Tony & Nicki quickly get to the core of issues, ask the perfect questions to assist realisations, and lovingly support people through any 'choppy waters’.Their philosophy has never changed. They talk about the difference between Fear & Love and how to find the polarity of the masculine & the feminine.

They both believe that once people fully understand how they've got where they are, and they’re committed to working towards where they want to be, absolutely nothing can prevent it from working. 

Tony & Nicki Have Three Relationship Coaching Programs To Choose From

Tony & Nicki Have Three Relationship Coaching Programs To Choose From

Our ‘cutting edge’ Intimate Relationship Report will quickly tell you what really caused these issues, why nothing you try is working, and point you towards how to solve seemingly impossible situations

The Sapphire Program

Our Couples Intimate Relationship Program will fully educate you how to resolve any dysfunctional disconnection, how to healthily communicate and reconnect, and how to plan a loving future so that everyone benefits

Emerald Program

On our 3 month Private Client Program we will coach you both, educating you at Live Sessions
and on video, working with you 
24/7, to overcome challenges and create your desired futures 

Diamond Program

Our most-affordable package, for couples who want expert help with fixing their relationship issues, via WhatsApp at the times and pace that fit around their busy schedules.

The Sapphhire Program

Our most-popular package for couples who recognise that 1:1 coaching and support will give them the best chance of achieving the Ultimate Intimate Relationship they desire.

The Emerald Program

Our Signature Package is the premium coaching experience for couples who want an intensive level of support, so they fix their problems faster and achieve results rapidly.

The Diamond Program

Booking Tony & Nicki Vee

Intimate Relationship Experts

As Speakers, Trainers, Coaches & Mentors

Creators of 'The V Relationship Strategy' & 'The Couples Intimate Relationship Education Program'

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As the applause came to an end, a guy shouted out:
"I Paid £50 for my ticket today and that talk was worth £1,000,000 of anyone's money,  thank you so much, Tony & Nicki" 

- Dan Holloway, ConnectU