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Tony & Nicki Vee

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Creators of 'The V Relationship Strategy' & 'The Couples Intimate Relationship Education Program'

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As the applause came to an end, a guy shouted out:
"I Paid £50 for my ticket today and that talk was worth £1,000,000 of anyone's money,  thank you so much, Tony & Nicki" 

- Dan Holloway, ConnectU

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About Tony & Nicki Vee & Insights Into The Expertise Which They Share 

Topics Covered By Tony & Nicki Around Intimate Relationships...

 The Biggest Causes of Relationship Breaking Downs Today...

With Divorce running at 50% of Marriages, Tony & Nicki deep-dive into what's really going on that's causing this costly problem.

How To Have A Great Relationship In The 21st Century...

Tony & Nicki describe what it takes to what they call, 'Have it all'; that's a great relationship and family life with all the mod cons.

Why Man/Woman Communications Are Such A BIG Problem...

Tony & Nicki share it's not just about communication, it's that men see the world through blue glasses and women through pink ones.

How To Have Amazing Intimacy & Why It Dies For So Many...

The catchphrase Tony & Nicki use around this talk is, 'Whatever goes on outside the bedroom will be going on inside the bedroom'. 

Is It Possible To Rebuild Lost Trust After Infidelity & If So How?

Infidelity be it mental, emotional or physical, kills many relationships. Tony & Nicki share how to start to rebuild lost trust.

How Do You Know If This Is The Right Relationship For You?

When a relationship is not working, many people ask themselves 'is this relationship right for me'? Tony & Nicki share how to find out.

Singles: How Do You Meet The Perfect Mr or Mrs Right?

Tony & Nicki share their top insights into how to spot early on in the relationship if you are  a great fit for each other.

Tony & Nicki Share & Educate On All Aspect Of Relationships. What Topics Would You Like Them To Share With Your Audience?

About Tony & Nicki As Speakers, Writers & Relationship Experts...


 Tony & Nicki's first keynote speaking gig was way back in 2004 to over a hundred raving Tony Robbins fans in Dublin, Ireland. The organisers asked them to talk about how they found each other and got into a fantastic love-filled, intimate relationship.

The talk ended with people asking for more which led Tony & Nicki to create a powerful 3-hour address which they have delivered time and again in the UK, Europe, the USA & Australia and, where there are English-speaking audiences, including alongside John Gray of Venus and Mars fame.

From those early days, Tony & Nicki designed, created and ran over 200 weekend and week-long Retreats and Events through their businesses and for other companies and organisations, nationally and internationally.

Tony & Nicki have spoken on local and national radio shows, including for the BBC and RTE in Ireland and have also appeared on Sky TV and TV AM Ireland. They also have written and appeared in the National Press, The Daily Mail, The Express and The Sun, as well as in many top-selling National Magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home and Best.

Today Tony & Nicki are available to be interviewed for The Press, Magazine and Blog content, as well as to speak live on Podcasts about 'Intimate Relationships.' They also do speaking slots for up to 3 hours, plus half and full-day Keynote slots, and run or speak at live events and retreats.

Tony & Nicki also act as 'Expert Commentators' on situations that arise nationally and/or internationally where anything to do with 'Intimate Relationships' comes into the headlines.

Booking Tony & Nicki Vee For - Podcasts - Keynotes - Seminars - Retreats 

Podcast Interviews With Tony &/or Nicki 
(Complimentary - £500)

Tony and Nicki bring their knowledge and wisdom of nearly 20 years of experience as world-class coaches, trainers and speakers on the subject of 'Intimate Relationships'. They have a fun, entertaining yet educational style that people love. 
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1- 3 Hour Intimate Relationship Keynote 
(£1k - £2k)

Tony & Nicki share their knowledge & wisdom in a fun and entertaining way while parting with gem after gem of what it takes to find and live in what they describe as a 10 out of 10 love-filled intimate relationship with a partner.
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1/2 or Full Day 'Relationship Seminar'

(£2.5k - £3.5k)

Tony & Nicki bring their unique style as a couple that lights up any Seminar with an endless array of powerful Relationship 'Flip Chart Models' each of which works alongside a fun, interactive experiential exercise to lock in the learning from each model.
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Bespoke Weekend 'Relationship Retreat'
(£4k - £6k)

Tony & Nicki are the quintessential 'Retreat' Deliveree's. Having organised and run over two hundred retreats in their time together, they know exactly how to make each moment of any retreat both a WOW, experience and a learning opportunity.
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