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Nicki Vee has been assisting people to understand themselves, and the reasons for their challenges, using the DISC psychometric, for nearly 30 years...

By being educated as to why we adjust our behaviours when stressed, or triggered, our lives can be transformed and we can experience so much more 

Nicki explains in-depth how to have the life you were meant to have...

If you've wondered why you keep having the same painful experiences, and you're still holding old negative issues inside, this session will give you the 'how' to change things. 

Nicki has coached thousands of people using this technology, to resolve any problems that they were facing, in business, with fiends and family, and with seemingly impossible incompatibility issues within a disconnected Intimate Relationship.

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An in- Depth 90 minute Session That Will Surprise You With New Realisations about Yourself & Your Relationships 

We have upset, pain & disconnection in our lives  because we don't understand ourselves or others

So many of my clients have said - "I am completely blown away, how could you possibly understand so much about me, and explain it so simply, just by looking at my personal profile"? 

And of course, once I have explained what I see, we can work quickly to get you back to being the 'real you' (not the stressed or adjusted you:) who can have better experiences in all areas of your life.

Learning why you have adjusted your style because of any Significant Emotional Events that have occurred in your life, may be the break-through moment that changes everything.  

I will walk you through how you might be impacting others of a different 'style' to you and we can find resolutions to any relationships that are not working or have friction whether that is your parents, children, partner, friends or work colleagues.

I'll ensure that your most critical issues are resolved during this session.  

Once you have purchased this session I will send you a DISC questionnaire which takes between 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted it, I will process your profile ready for our session.  

 Profound realisations of how just understanding yourself can resolve any challenges and disagreements 

✓  Learn exactly why things aren't working, and how to turn things around in any situation 

✓  Learn how your past can cause you to adjust your behaviour and how that can impact your life

  ✓  Learn how to overcome stress so that your relationships can improve and thrive 
✓  Learn how the 'real you' can manifest and create all that your heart desires 

Understanding how your style and behaviour is impacting all parts of your life can be the very thing that can resolve any life issues. Do bring to your session firstly an open mind, and secondly your most now critical issues. Nicki's experience with DISC is second to none, she will blow your mind with her insights, her wisdom and her solutions. You will leave the session with a plan of how to integrate what you've learned and how you can make sure you gain the momentum to create lasting change.

The truth is we can often live not having any idea why we are experiencing pain and disconnection. This session guarantees clarity, realisations and understanding of the why, and an agreed plan for new experiences, and healthier more loving connections.