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Tony & Nicki's Style of Coaching Will Quickly Get To The Core of Your Issue 

So Often What We Think Is The Problem Is Not The Problem At All

 Once You Understand What's Really Going Tony & Nicki Will Assist You In Resolving Things

If you have tried or thought about relationship counselling and it's not worked out or you are a little nervous, then know you are in safe hands with Tony & Nicki.

They have coached couples and singles in the 'Art' of living in a loving intimate relationship since the early two thousand's with a huge success rate coaching and teaching their 'Relationship Philosophy'.

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Twelve Coaching Sessions That Will Change Your Whole Relationship Experience

Relationships Fail Because We Don't Know What We Don't Know!

So many of our students say these words - So in reality I simply did not know what I did not know! 

Our job if you chose to have either Tony or Nicki or both assist you together is to educate and empower you going forward.

Learning what you may be inadvertently doing that's causes you to have a life that's most likely not working.

You will break through what can be so painful when your relationship is not working and out the other side back to feeling connected, kind and loving with each other, we often say to 'how it may well have been when you first got together'.

Tony & Nicki Vee have been sharing their relationship philosophies with countless couples since the early naughties with astounding success, with those open to learning what they were never taught in school or at university about this subject.

 Going From Relationship Hell To Relationship Heaven:

✓  Learn exactly what needs to happen to turn your whole relationship situation around for the better
✓  Learn specific relationship tools that will help you deal with any situation  
✓  Learn what 'The Surprise Ingredients' are to experience a fantastic relationship
✓  Learn what it's like to be in the shoes of the opposite sex and how this can change everything

Not knowing exactly what your partner's needs are, both as an individual and as a man or woman is almost certainly costing you the love you seek in your intimate relationship.  It's our job to learn what and how we need to deliver what works.

The truth is everyone wants to feel loved, and this includes both you and your partner! When love is not present then a gap starts to grow between you and communications, trust and intimacy all start to be negatively affected.