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If You Like Podcasts & Audio Books You'll Love This Relationship Training 

MEN - 7.5 Hours of Easy Listening - 'How To Have An Amazing Relationship' 

 Relationship Education For Men To Understand Relationships & Women

If you like to learn by listerning these recording will blow your socks of as they contain what you need to know and understand to live in an amazing relationship.

AND these are so much more than an ordinary eListen. They contain vital information along with powerful exercises that can totally change your current experience of your relationship together.

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eListerning - Learn What It Takes To Have A Fantastic Intimate Relationship

Relationships Fail Because We Don't Know What We Don't Know!

So many of our students say these words - So in reality I simply did not know what I did not know! 

But, having listened to this training I now know how these things really work and I'm going to change my approach.

And by learning specifically what I do that causes me to have a life with her I don't like I can bring us closer together.

YES, I'm going to do things totally, in fact, radically different! Interestingly it was Einstein that said, 'doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is THE first sign of madness, so I'm going to dive in and work on what I've learned.

Tony & Nicki Vee have been sharing their relationship philosophies with countless couples since the early naughties with astounding success with those open to learning what they were never taught in school or at university about this subject.

Listening to these relationship audios will help you understand:

✓  How to turn what seems like 'Relationship Hell' into 'Relationship Heaven'
✓  How to turn lost connection between you back into a great connection
✓  Learn what 'The Surprise Ingredient' is to experience a fantastic relationship
✓  Learn what it's like to be a woman and what she really wants 

Not knowing exactly what your partner's needs are, both as an individual and as a woman is costing men their relationships. Imagine being given a present you don't like, what does that feel like? Men, we need to deliver what women need & want!

All most men want is for their woman to be happy (and maybe be seen as responsible for delivering that happiness). What we need to learn is actually what makes a woman happy and these recordings reveal this largely unknown list.