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An eRead Written Specifically To Assist Men With Intimacy Problems 

'My Partners Not Interested In Sex Anymore' 

How To Get Intimacy With Your Partner Back To Where It Was When You First Met

Tony Vee wrote this book from personal experience in his former relationship life before learning how to turn it around...

This is so much more than an ordinary eRead. It contains vital information along with a powerful set of exercises that can change your current experience with your woman.

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This Is So Much More Than A Simple Read - It's A Full On Relationship Workbook

As You Read This Book & Do The Exercises Your Whole Life Changes

So many of our students say these words - I simply did not know what I did not know! 

But having read this I know how these things really work, &  I can stop blaming her &  because that's not working.

And learn exactly what I do that causes me to have a life with her not fulfilling and learn what will bring us back closer.

YES, I'm going to try something totally, in fact, radically different! Interestingly it was Einstein that said, 'doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is THE first sign of madness, so I'm going to dive in and work on these exercises.

Tony & Nicki Vee have been sharing their relationship philosophies with countless couples since the early naughties with astounding success with those open to learning what they were never taught in school or at university about this subject.

This relationship workbook will help you understand:

✓  Why your partner turns the other way when you move toward her for sex
✓  What causes women to lose their appetite for the sort of sex you had when you first got together
✓  What's going to happen if you do nothing about this problem!
✓  What you need to do to turn this relationship from seemingly one of frustration to fully loved up!

Tony & Nicki have helped thousands of men understand exactly why their relationship has lost its lust, lustre and intimacy and is either dying or dead between them by sharing the real intimate needs of women so they open up to love.

The answer to relationships dying through a lack of intimacy is education, education, education! Followed by trying on a different approach with your woman, which has bought couples together, many even closer than when they first met!