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This Book is Specifically For Lonely Women - IN or OUT of a Relationship!

eRead - 'Will My Knight In Shining Armour Ever Come Along'? 

For A Knight In Shining Armour To Whisk You Away You Have To Be At The Window...

If you are thinking 'it will never happen for me', or 'there are no nice men out there', or 'where do I go to meet him' - this book is for you...

Or, if you are thinking, 'what can I do about it myself' or 'do I just have to wait'? The answer is defiantly NO! There is so much more you can do than sit around waiting for it to happen.

How Will Reading This eBook Help Me With My Relationship Life?

What You Read Will Shock You - But You'll Know It's True 

We always say: if you want a man to kiss you, you have to be kissable' - If you want to be whisked away, you have to be ready

Being in a relationship can sometimes be as lonely as being single, if this is you, then reading this will absolutely help you

If you have been in a relationship that ended in any form of pain for you and you want to try again, this book is for you

Many of our clients over the years, both those that are single and those that are in a relationship, say their relationship challenges were a result of not having any knowledge, information or indeed education about how relationships really work.

Tony & Nicki Vee have been sharing their relationship philosophies with countless people since the early noughties with astounding success with those open to learning what they were never taught in school or at university about this subject.

Reading this book you'll likely have what we call an OFM moment... 

✓  Could it be what we have learned at school is actually having a detrimental effect on our intimate relationships?
✓  Could it also be the move towards gender equality is also having a somewhat negative effect on relationships?
✓  Learn what causes relationships to breakdown and how to use your natural feminine energy to resolve things
✓  Learn specifically what you can do to consistently attract the best part of a great man into your life

As a couple that has helped thousands of people in relationship pain, we know to resolve things you have to start somewhere. In our past failed relationships, we separately went on a journey to specifically discover what was NOT working.

We discovered that we were both making these mistakes and they were what was causing us to mess up our relationships. This little-known knowledge, not taught in schools or universities, holds the answers that started to solve everything.