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Booking your 1st Session with Tony & Nicki is for you if you and your partner are looking for assistance either because you are at the end of your tether and you simply don't know what to do, or indeed, your relationship has simply lost the spark and sparkle it had when you first met. And know you are in safe hands as they have assisted thousand with their relationship problems since 2004...

Book Your 1st Session With Tony & Nicki Vee

Three Ongoing Relationship Programs To Choose From That Work...

Our ‘cutting edge’ Intimate Relationship Report will quickly tell you what really caused these issues, why nothing you try is working, and point you towards how to solve seemingly impossible situations

Love Letter

Our Couples Intimate Relationship Program will fully educate you how to resolve any dysfunctional disconnection, how to healthily communicate and reconnect, and how to plan a loving future so that everyone benefits

Sapphire Program

On our 3 month Private Client Program we will coach you both, educating you at Live Sessions
and on video, working with you 
24/7, to overcome challenges and create your desired futures 

Diamond Program

Read how utilising 'The Vee Relationship Strategy' in 'The Sapphire Progam' will rejuvenate your intimate relationship. 

This powerful program is the result of nearly 20 years of teaching thousands of people exactly what it takes to find the love all humans seek.

The Sapphire Program

Transform your relationship with personal Vee coaching plus access to 'The Vee Relationship Strategy' through 'The Emerald Program'. 

World-class coaching with the Vee's is a service like no other available, as they're a couple that knows what it takes to reignite a relationship.

The Emerald Program

'The Diamond Program' is for you if your relationship is in 'The Danger Zone' and you want a VIP face to face service. 

Our 'Save Your Marriage in a Week' intensive is where we come to you wherever you are in the world to get things sorted as quickly as possible

The Diamond Program