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ARTICLE - Divorce - Can the Numbers Be Reversed?

Yes definitely! This is the simple answer expressed by relationship experts Tony and Nicki Vee.

During a recent interview with Tony and Nicki, they explain ‘All it takes is a better understanding of firstly, how we ourselves operate and secondly what our partners’ needs are. So many relationship breakdowns are caused by a lack of awareness of these two things. 

Our teachings have proven that a lack of knowledge of these and other key fundamentals of how to ‘Live in the Ultimate Intimate Relationship’ is the main reason why marriages are not working in the modern world.

We also believe that if youngsters understood this teaching at an early age it would dramatically affect divorce figures in the future. It’s so sad, it seems our educational system is intent on filling kids' heads with knowledge about everything else except this, arguably our most desired life goal.

It is said that you can have what seems like everything in life, all your goals achieved - money, cars, houses, all the modern material trappings and that even with all of this you will still only be experiencing just 1% of what’s possible in life. Tony and Nicki say the other 99% of what’s possible in life comes from the magic of ‘Living in The Ultimate Intimate Relationship’.

They say it’s about experiencing ‘Life as It Is Truly Meant to Be Lived’ with that wonderful feeling of being totally ‘Happy and Fulfilled’. They also say that relationships can be the source of our greatest pleasure but often cause our greatest pain!

So what’s the answer? What are these keys? Tony and Nicki have created a unique set of tools to help couples understand easily and simply why so many of us are getting it so wrong. When I asked them to choose just one tool that would help couples they immediately agreed that it should be the difference between ‘Masculine and Feminine Energy’.

Tony, who’s 1st book is entitled ‘It’s All Energy’ explains, ‘we have come to live so much in our heads trying to work our relationships out that we actually have missed the answer; we are for the most part simply looking in the wrong place. 

So many people use the immortal words, “I have tried everything I know to sort this out”. How would it be if the answer is to do something you don’t yet know? So if all this ‘trying’ is not working, could it simply be you need to change tactics? It’s as though we are all searching on the left and all we need to do is look over to the right and magically there lies the solution.

‘The simple solution is to live in what I describe as our core energy. Each of us has a mixture of both masculine and feminine energy of which one is the most dominant. For the majority of us the dominant energy is that of our own sexuality, i.e. men have at their core masculine energy and women at their core have feminine energy.

These two energies are polar opposites and form the fundamentals of attraction, so core male energy is naturally attracted to core female energy and vice versa. Tragically very few men and women actually live their true core masculine or feminine energy. 

Could it be it’s this lack of understanding of how to live by utilising our core energy where most of our challenges lie, and why we find it so difficult to stay attracted and live together? The cause of this is often the programming we have had as children, our education and our learned behaviour.

Intimacy itself comes from this core energy and is only created when we are giving and receiving the opposite energy to our partners’ energy. So when we feel drawn to make passionate love we are attracted, not actually to the person, but to those persons opposite core energy; it’s like a magnetic force.

So imagine how it would be if we were living much of our time in the opposite of our core energy i.e. the woman in the relationship is operating large amounts of time in her masculine and the man is operating much of his time in the feminine?

You’ve got it, attraction is lost, intimacy is gone and even worse these energies actually repel each other. Couples end up on opposite sides of the bed feeling negative energy between them, often frustrated and searching for the answer in their heads and sadly many, over a period of time, come to see divorce as the only option.

So the solution again I say is first, become aware of how you operate and how to live in your natural core energy whether masculine or feminine; Secondly, learn what your polar opposite energy wants. If we all suddenly became aware of these two fundamental things and individually are absolutely committed to changing, then the divorce rate would plummet.’

Tony and Nicki Vee are committed to sharing this knowledge and so much more with millions of people through their courses, books,  recordings and coaching on love, sex and intimacy.

Five Ways Women Kill Their Relationship Without Realising It!

  1. By Criticising Him
  2. By Threatening to, or Actually Withdrawing Love
  3. By Never Acknowledging or Appreciating Him
  4. By Taking Control
  5. By Challenging Him

Men search primarily to be loved unconditionally and actually really want to make you happy; it’s that simple. When this does not happen for your man he will become unhappy in life, feel far from fulfilled and will often withdraw from you. If you do things to ‘kill’ the relationship it will destroy intimacy and any chance for you of experiencing full-body orgasms. Quite a price to pay for getting it wrong!

Five Ways Men Kill Their Relationship Without Realising It!

  1. By Being Indecisive or Uncertain
  2. By Forgetting to Compliment Her
  3. By Not Focusing on Her or the Relationship
  4. By Asking or Letting Her Take Control
  5. By Any Form of Aggression

Women are less simple than men emotionally and all women are looking for the same thing – their core needs to be met. A woman wants to feel safe, secure and cherished in her relationship. Every woman as a little girl dreamed of being the princess in the tower whose Knight in shining armour came along to rescue her and look after her for the rest of her life! So by mastering the art of meeting a woman’s needs, the relationship of your dreams will start to materialise and you will experience the total sexual fulfilment that you so desire.

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Live Life Loving, Tony & Nicki Vee

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