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Host: Ellie Mckay

"This week, I’m on a mission with the phenomenal Tony and Nicki Vee, known throughout the world as ‘The Relationship Couple', and the creators of the Couples Intimate Relationship Education Program.

We discuss the impactful, powerful work they do which gives light and hope to couples everywhere, the bridge between personal and spiritual development, as well as the personal journeys they have both taken through life in order to arrive at the destination that has made such a difference to themselves and each other."



There are two worlds of development - personal and spiritual. Both of these areas can benefit from taking elements of the other and applying it to their own practices.

Attuning ourselves spiritually is the key to finding true happiness. We are all emitting and receiving energy, and relationships depend on the compatibility of these energy frequencies.

Many with a troubled relationship past bring their baggage to new couplings, hoping that their prospective partners will somehow fix them. But this is flawed, and why the work has to begin internally.

The word seems to want to equalise the sexes until men and women become the same entity, but this is not necessarily the most healthy way to embrace our differences. Men and women are fundamentally different, and these differences are a source of joy.



'We feel sometimes that we are the bridge'

'We are all on a journey. We are all learning'

'Magic happens in life when you learn how to change your energy up!'

'We believe that this is the most powerful attraction'


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