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The Diamond Program is a VIP, Emergency, Face-To-Face Experience To Turn Things Around Fast 

We Come To You ASAP Wherever You Are In The World And Get Things Sorted

The Diamond Program is a VIP, Emergency, Face-To-Face
Experience To Turn Things Around Fast 

We Come To You ASAP Wherever You Are In The World And Get Things Sorted

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How We Get Results Using 'The Vee Relationship Strategy'

The 'Vee' Relationship Strategy - Couple's Intimate Relationship Education

You can go from feeling separate, disconnected or even be at breaking point to being together as a loving couple in just 90 days by utilising 'The 'Vee' Relationship Strategy'. No wonder so many couples break up or end up a divorce statistic; no one ever taught us how to live in a long-term loving relationship. Yes, when love starts to fade, and intimacy becomes unpleasant or non-existent, we simply don't have the tools to know what to do.

Well, it does not have to be that way. Sure, you are struggling right now, you may be arguing, you might even be living totally separate, either in the same house or in different places, but if there is the tiniest ember of love alive between you, nothing is more likely to reignite the flame anew than learning 'The Vee Relationship Strategy'. Then you'll understand yourself; you'll understand your partner, and you'll rediscover love once more.

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A Whole Family Spared From The Nightmare of Addiction & Divorce

Unfortunately, it is so so common for intimacy to become stale or non-existent, and for the marriage to break down completely, when a couple has been together a certain number of years, had kids and/or faced money issues.  

The result is very often that the man and woman turn to their individual addictions to feel better, and to get their needs met. 

How Everything Turned Around on The Diamond Program

Cath Called Asking If We Help Couples Who’d Not Been Intimate For Years?

We said, yes we have, and we asked “what do you need right now?”
Catherine replied, “I need you to get him to stop trying to have sex with me because I’m not interested!”
Thankfully, Simon was willing to join Catherine on one of our initial 1st Sessions.
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Who 'The Diamond Program' Is Perfect For

For Men & Women, committed to understanding themselves and their partner, and to resolving what’s not working in their intimate relationship.

For Couples, whose relationship has lost its spark, and whose intimate life together is either not working at all, or has become nonexistent.

For Couples that have become so disconnected that they argue constantly, or 'things have got so bad' that they are hardly speaking at all.

For Couples that don’t want to go down the costly route, emotionally & financially, of divorce, and whose fear is of starting all over again.

For Men & Women who don’t want their children to be raised in a negative environment, or for them to experience the pain of separation.

For Couples that have tried counselling or therapy, or who’ve asked family and friends for help, but nothing has worked to resolve things.

How We Guarantee The Diamond Program Works For Couples

Minimising Your Risk and Maximising Your Relationship Success!

Let us level with you upfront - relationship counselling/coaching is not for the faint-hearted and does not work for everyone. However, over 90% of our clients learn the tools and skills not taught at school or university on precisely what it takes to live in a fantastic love-filled intimate relationship.

To be in that 90%, you have to be totally committed to the learning process and open to investing the time and financial resources needed to get the results you seek. (It is impossible to do this in one or two or even a bank of low-cost, once a week hour-long counselling sessions). You will also need to be open-hearted and open-minded to learning new life skills and genuinely want to be in a love-filled relationship with your partner.

This program is definitely not for you if you are looking for us to 'Fix' your partner, or you think your model of how a relationship should work is perfect and all that needs to happen is for your partner to change and stop doing the things that you don't like. These are the traits of those who fail and end up as divorce statistics instead of becoming an example of what's possible. (There are currently 2,000+ divorces a week in the UK).

We are renowned for getting results with couples very quickly as they learn what they did not know; however, to integrate and live what you learn takes time, so we commit to being there 24/7 for every one of the couples on our program for a whole year, which is how we can guarantee success. We carefully select the couples we work with by booking what we call 'The 1st Session', at which we ensure we are all a great fit to work together. 

In the session, we work out where you are right now and where you want to get to as a couple. Then, if we believe we can assist you on that journey, we will recommend the program we think will get you from A to B. Your commitment is to have us on your team for a year 24/7 to assist you both anytime. 

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